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Security systems are mainly used to provide security and protection (in combination with CCTV systems) which makes them ideal for both business and home use.

Services are always professionally designed according to the customer's individual needs, whilst keeping a low price and minimal added value, and they mainly include:

  • • Design and planning of the security system
  • • Delivery and installation of security components, getting the system up and running
  • • Testing the system's operation
  • • Warranty and post-warranty service and periodic revisions
  • • Maintaining the system

Analytic, projection and installation works are provided in a whole range of existing segments, either independently or combined into security systems, or as a part of complex integrated security services using all available technologies from these areas:

Electronic security systems - ESS

They are the foundation of complex buidling and property security, they ensure punctual warnings on burglar entry. They can be combined with parts of mechanical security, fire signalization and CCTV systems.

Fire signalization systems – EPS

They are an integrated part of new buildings, where they are mandatory by law. They are used to inform you early about starting fires and the systems can lock or unlock certain mechanical locks in case of alarm to provide exit paths and stop the fire from spreading.

Camera systems – CCTV

CCTV systems are an important part in complex building security and property and people protection. They can be installed in buildings of all sizes, they provide nonstop protection, they work for you 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

Access control – ACS

Access control systems are slowly replacing classic keys and locks in places where you need to provide entry to a certain area by means of identification. When installed, there is no need for you to carry your keys.

Mechanical and electromechanic barrier systems – MZS

These include entry barriers, automatic gates, personal turnstiles, entry gates, safes, etc. From a security point of view, they should be combined with other kinds of protection.

Home phones and videophones – DT

Home videophones with a display showing live footage from a camera located at your door or gate are the newest element in house security. They are an irreplaceable helper, allowing the owner to communicate with and see the person in front of the entrance and open the door for them.

Intelligent security systems – ISS

ISS are an intelligent solution of automated videoanalysis with specific expert functions - license plate recognition, traffic flow and accident analysis, facial capture and recognition, etc. They can be used independently or as a part of security systems (access and CCTV systems).

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