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4. Home phone system

Home phones are a modern part of communication to control entry into the house, apartments and large buildings. All elements are antivandal - outdoor use, waterproof. At present, the Metakom elements do not enable interkom installation.

A) Family house (one participant)

Used to call on individual electric ringers, with possibility of audio and video communication.

  • 1x Antivandal button panel for 1 participant
    • After pressing a button on the panel, system calls the home phone/videomonitor. Panel has a camera for videocommunication.
  • 1x Videomonitor
    • Used to control door entrances, offers simple and effective solution to control access into the building and to monitor the situation in front of the entrance, monitor can turn on automatically on call, open a lock without breaking the call, show footage from connected cctv cameras, adjustable volume.
  • 1x Home phone
    • Button allows you to remotely open a door lock, audio/video communication.
  • 1x Power supply
    • Powers the home phone system.

Set can be expanded with external cameras, exit buttons, contactless/contact tag and card readers, a hub to use more home phones.

B) Apartment buildings (multiple participants)

  • 1x Antivandal button panel for 20 participants
    • After pressing a button on the button panel a call is placed to the selected home phone, with dual voice communication. Panel has a built-in camera to allow for video communication (a videomonitor is needed in the apartment).
  • 6x Home phone
    • Button allows you to remotely open a door lock and to communicate with the visitor.
  • 1x Power supply

System can be expanded with external cameras, antivandal name panels, videomonitors, contactless/contact tags and cards.

No sets include installation material, its price is individual for every installation.

If you are looking for a home phone system for a large number of participants (not exceeding 999), eg. prefab, apartment, administrative and office buildings, contact us and we will provide you with a tailored solution!!!

On demand, we can supply different versions of button panels for multiple participants (net exceeding 999) with a version for contact chips, electromagnetic lock support, built-in camera, or you can buy an external camera. If you tell us your specific request, we will be glad to help with the choice of a system or design a system fit for you.

We offer installation, maintenance and service with all supplied products (1-4). Do not hesitate to contact us).


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